Blogger With the Curls

“I have learned more in the darkness of my life, than in the light of any classroom.”

– j. iron word

Hey Y'all! My name is Lesli. Thanks for stopping by. I'm a true crime junkie with a love for Dr Pepper, photography, all things vintage and as of lately - writing about life. 

Let me go ahead and put something out there. This blog isn't censored in any way. If you’re easily offended, you may want to stop reading while you’re ahead. Seriously. Stop reading.
If you’re still reading I can assume you appreciate the uncensored side of life and I like that. Hand hug to you my friend.

This blog isn't geared towards just one topic in general. We all deal with the lemons life throws our way differently. I prefer mine in a tall glass of ice water with some Sweet-n-Low. Yes, it’s bootleg lemonade I know. Hashtag eye roll.


Think of this as my open diary. 

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K, bye.


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