• Lesli Crow

Ain't No Hood Like Motherhood

So, this is love.

If you've ever wanted somebody to be brutally honest with you, have a child. They don't sugarcoat shit. That's probably not the sweetest way to start a Mother's Day blog but I speak nothing but the truth at A Bloggin' Crow, and that my friends - is the truth!

I love both my boys more than life itself. Trae and Zo are the creamer to my coffee, the cheese to my tacos, and the spice to my everything. They give me life in so many ways but I don't think I've ever talked through my teeth as much as I have since I have become their mother.

There are so many things you give up as a mother. Peeing alone no longer exists, you choose wine instead of juice for breakfast, and those beautiful perky boobs? Nah. #Fuhgeddaboudit

I told Trae one day that I was officially cutting out Dr Pepper's (just kill me now), and he looks at me with the most serious face and says, "I give it two days." Thanks for the support ya little shit.

I won't lie, I've always wanted a daughter. Taking my daughter for a mani/pedi date, telling her she's too beautiful for makeup, and eventually teaching her how to shave her legs - I wanted all of that and everything in between.

That wasn't in the stars for me I guess. Instead, I was given two amazingly handsome little boys who hate washing their ass, never want to have mani/pedi dates, and will always make fun of me for how much I cry over the things they accomplish.

All jokes aside - the older they get the more I realize just how lucky I am to be a part of the Boy Mom Crew. I get to teach them to never let a woman open her own door, to get her flowers on a Tuesday, and to always tell their person how beautiful they look - even if they are on their period and feel like a bloated cow.

I worry a lot that some of the things I do as their mother will forever damage them in some way. If I miss too many football games or talk crazy to them when they won't do what I ask... for the tenth time.

Trae has always told me I'm his number one lady and Zo is still in the phase where girls have cooties. Things will change. No matter how much time passes or how old they get I know I'll never be prepared when I really am number two in their life.

My hope is that whoever comes along to steal their heart will know I'm a mama with a deep love for her boys. I'm raising two young men and even though I know they'll have to learn things the hard way sometimes - I will always always always be in their corner.

I've wiped tears, changed dirty diapers, and have had too many sleepless nights to count. The things I could teach them as their mother could never compare to the things they've taught me.

I'm better because of them. I love harder, push stronger to succeed in life, and know that I could never thank them enough for allowing me to fail from time to time.

I became a mom at seventeen and again at twenty-one. They have by far been two of my biggest accomplishments. It really does take a village and I'm grateful for the tribe that has helped me with mine.

It takes a lot out of you becoming a mother. Giving so much of yourself to a tiny being can be exhausting and mentally draining. For all the times I've wanted to drop them off at a fire station, kick Trae out of my house, or cry when I feel like I just can't get it right - it will forever be worth it.

So, this is love.