• Lesli Crow

I Just Felt Like Writing

Ah, the first blog of hopefully many. So much room for activities! Ha.

I've thought about writing for quite some time but I'm a procrastinator and not ashamed to admit it. "Hi, I'm Lesli and I have a problem. I procrastinate." This is where you say "Hi Lesli!"

I'm in my last couple months of my twenties and felt like now would be a good time to share a little insight into my chaotic years thus far. I knew when I started this blog I didn't want to stay focused on one thing.

There's so much I've been through just within the last 10 years of my life I felt it was necessary to share. Sometimes we go through things and just hope somebody out there is going through the same thing. I assure you if it's not me, somebody is or has at some point in life.

You know that feeling you get when people say "Don't worry about it."? Um. Okay. Easier said than done right? How do you just NOT worry about it? I still haven't figured that part out. If you know the secret please send it my way.

I've never been the person to write down my feelings. I didn't have a diary as a kid and I'm quite the little crybaby so talking openly with another human being is just hard to do. Unless you wanna see my ugly cry face just don't try and pressure me to talk out my feelings. I'll talk but it won't be pretty.

Writing (strike that) Typing out my thoughts seemed like an easier outlet. This way I can sit behind my laptop in my sweats without looking at your judgy eyes.

I wanted to write (strike that) type (damn it) so I did. Forgive me if I ramble through the first few blogs. I'm a newbie and everybody starts somewhere. I may not be saving the world with my words but maybe, just maybe, I can share a few things that I've learned while trying to 'adult' that can be useful to you.

Cheers to a first time #BlogginMama