• Lesli Crow

Let's Talk About Sex, Baby.

Ah, sex.

The thing that everybody does but they just don't want to talk openly about. I get it. Sex is between two people, it's a sacred bond, and blah blah blah blah blah.

Well, today, I'm talking about it. How many of y'all are freaking out or uncomfortable right now?

Why does it have to be uncomfortable? We all do it, have done it, will do it, and/or used to do it a lot but now just do it on special occasions, at some point in our lives. It's just sex. It is the only reason why we are all walking planet earth trying to find our purpose in this big bad world.

In my last blog, I talked about online dating and my experience with it so far. One thing that I wanted to talk about but didn't, was sex.

When we start dating somebody, we're going to think about what sex with them is like. If you're saying you don't do that, I'm calling you out. You're a liar.

There I said it.

It may not be the second you meet but at some point - sex crosses your mind. It's a natural thing. I personally love sex. With the right person, there can be fireworks. With the wrong one - crickets.

I don't like crickets. I'll take all the rough, lip biting, hair pulling sex I can get, please and thank you.

Let me rephrase that - If I'm attracted to you physically, I'll take all the rough, lip biting, hair pulling sex I can get, please and thank you.

Much better.

This isn't the case for all people. Not everybody has to find that other person attractive. If it feels good and they can get off - they'll do it.

I am most certainly not that way. For me, sex is better if I'm attracted to you. We all have certain things that turn us on and get our internal flames lit AF. I need to make sure that if I accidentally get pregnant by you, our offspring will be totes adorbs.

Oh, chill out. Not all babies are cute and you know it. We all think it at some point - I'm just saying it.

I'm not shallow. I know I have flaws like everybody else. I'm just realistic with my needs. We all should be. Be real with your partner about what you want sexually.

Mention handcuffs and see who gets scared the fastest.

It's twenty-eighteen - women should not be labeled a hoe for having more than one sexual partner. Men shouldn't be labeled as perverts when they like things a little freakier in the bedroom.

You'd be surprised by what your person likes if you just ask. You may try it and find that you like it. Hiding your desires from your person can legit kill a relationship. We hate to admit it, but sex is a big part in any relationship. Sadly, I have experienced this first hand.

Am I looking for my person? Yes. Do I feel bad for not wanting to date somebody that I'm not physically attracted to? No.

Looks aren't everything and yeah, they fade over time but they are something that I'm not afraid to admit are important.

I'm realistic. I know what I want and I refuse to settle. I know that I won't be waiting until marriage to give somebody my flower. (I broke that cherry when I was 15 and hashtag no regrets.) Nothing against those that do. Your vagina, your preference. Or - your dick, your preference.

To wrap up all this sexy talk, I hope you learned at least three and a half things by reading:

1. Be open with what turns you on.

2. Handcuffs are fun but can scare some people.

3. We all think about sex at some point. It's fun.

1/2. Not all babies are cute.