• Lesli Crow

Pierced: Septum

"You are magic, own that shit."

So, I did a thing recently. Actually - I did several things. The first thing was realizing I needed a change. The second thing was trying to figure out what I needed to do FOR that change. And lastly, because I couldn't exactly pin point what I needed to do - I decided to get my septum pierced.

I know, I know... probably not the thing that people usually do when they're needing a change, but it just felt like it needed to be done. It felt right.

Now that I've gotten my piercing, I've gotten a lot of questions. Because I haven't written in a ridiculously long time, I thought I'd share my experience and answer all the questions.

Side note - there are some photos on this post that may be too much to handle for Sensitive Sally's. Look away.

Read if you're interested.

Q: Why?

A: Mainly because I wanted to, but mostly because I wanted to look REALLY cool. It was either this or chop off my hair, and I'm just not ready for another big chop.

Q: Did it hurt?

A: Well, it is a needle going through your body, so you'd think yes. But, no. Mine didn't hurt. The most uncomfortable part was when she was adjusting the jewelry. I also have a very high pain tolerance, so that helped. My eyes watered a lot to where I was basically crying, but not because I was in pain. The nasal cavity and the connection to your eyes is weird.

Q: Where did you go to get it done?

A: Perception Fine Body Art in Dallas. My piercer was Leydi, and she was a gem. I was referred to her by my friend, Jen. She had great reviews and I'm all about a five-star rating. The shop was full of some bad ass art, very clean, and the rest of the staff were great.

Q: Was it expensive?

A: It was average. $60 plus the cost of any extra fancy jewelry you want. Which I did. Total it cost me $120 - tip included.

Q: When can you change the jewelry?

A: They recommend waiting 6-8 weeks to give the piercing plenty of time to heal.

Q: Can you feel it?

A: Yes and no. It tickles my face a little bit, but it doesn't feel like I have a huge foreign object on my face.

Q: Were you nervous?

A: Also, yes and no. I was more so anxious to get it done. I had been thinking about it for a while and had done a lot of research, so I was excited to have my own.

Q: What tips would you give somebody wanting to get it done?

A: Do your research and don't just settle for any piercer because they charge less than the person next door. Look through Google reviews. Most importantly, do it for you.

I'm a fan of piercings and tattoos. This won't be my last random act of 2020. Stay tuned. Or not.

K, bye.