• Lesli Crow

Raisin’ a Teen – Boy Mom Style

September 8th 2004. My first-born son, Letravius D’Shawn, would forever change my already chaotic life. Fast forward to June 20th 2017 and I’m 80 days away from having a teenager. 13. It’s so surreal I can’t stand it.

I only call him Letravius when he’s in trouble but for the most part he goes by Trae. He is unbelievably charming, goofy doesn’t even begin to describe his personality, and most importantly… he has a good heart.

The older he gets the closer we are. I’m a firm believer in being your child’s friend. Don’t get it twisted… I’m a mom first. I’m quick to back hand him. Just kidding.. that’s child abuse… but I will take away his phone and that’s just as bad to him. But if he couldn’t trust that I’m always in his corner who does he have?

I talk to him about girls, sex, dating, the unfortunate violent world we live in and everything that I hope can mold him into the man that I know he’s capable of being.

He always tells me “Mom, you’re my number one lady”. If he only knew how much that pulls on my heart strings. I know the day is gonna come that some cute girl will steal his heart and then it will be “Mom you’re number two.” Not. Cool.

Having him at such a young age probably wasn’t the easiest thing I’ve been faced with but it’s most definitely one of the best things.

He’s in between his stages of life right now. I think he’s trying to figure out who he wants to be and I love watching him on this path. I asked him this morning “Trae when was the last time you showered?” I KNEW it had been days. Hold onto your seats for his response…. “Friday.” Today is Tuesday. So yeah… there’s that.

THAT. That type of stuff is what I’m not prepared for. So some things I’ve learned about raisin’ a teen boy… well let me share. They don’t care if they stink. They will actually add on cologne or deodorant to cover up the stink before trying to take a shower. Ew.

They are always uncomfortable talking about sex. OH and don’t even try to show them pics of STD’s to try and keep them from having sex. (That’s a whole other blog)

Chores? Nah.

Their hormones at this age are raging. One minute I’m the best mom ever and the next I mistreat him severely and he wants to run away. Teenager or not, they still need to work on their aim. Too many times have I slipped in pee around the toilet.

Those are just a small handful of things I’ve learned about this boy of mine. My favorite thing I’ve learned has to be that no matter how hormonal he is, or how lazy he is some days, he has been my biggest fan from day one. He has held me when I’ve cried of a broken heart, taken care of me when I’m sick, and most importantly loved me at my absolute worst.

Mommin’ ain’t easy and it doesn’t come with a manual. It’s safe to say that him and I have completely made our own. To all the parents out there reading, don’t feel like you have to parent the way you were raised or how society tells you it should be.

Those are your tiny beings and it’s your duty as a parent to prepare them for what’s ahead…in your own way. Do life with them and enjoy it while you can.