• Lesli Crow

Random Much?

"I'm 29 years old damn it. I wanna sit in a comfortable chair, and watch television and go to sleep at a reasonable hour." - Chandler Bing

Hello, 30! As much as I'd love to stay in my 20's that just can't be so. I wanted to change this blog up a little bit so I thought I'd share thirty random facts about myself with some things I've learned along the way thrown in there. Some you may already know, some not so much. Who cares, just read.

Disclaimer: These are in no particular order.

24. My favorite movie of all time is The Green Mile. Pretty much anything with Tom Hanks but that one makes me cry like a baby every time.

8. I hate balloons. They cause me serious anxiety. Clowns are fine... as long as they aren't holding balloons.

13. I have a soft spot for homeless people. My uncle has been in and out of prison almost my entire life and if he's not locked up he's on the streets. I always picture him when I give somebody my spare change.

9. I can't stand leaving notifications unread on my phone.

1. I'm obsessed with forensics. I've probably seen every episode of Forensic Files at least twice.

27. When Trae was born, the registration lady at the hospital asked me how I wanted to spell his middle name. (It's D'Shawn) Well I hadn't thought about that so I said "Oh it doesn't matter.. just whatever." Still to this day I don't know if it's spelled with an upper or lower case 'S' on his birth certificate.

14. The words "lit" and "litty"... OH. MY. GOSH. Can we not?!

17. I've kissed a girl and I liked it.

18. I LOVE country music. Mainly classic country and all the 90's hits. It makes me miss home.


2. When we were kids, I told my one of my best friends (Michelle) that my cousin Johnathan was wasting too much food so my grandparents made us eat ALL of whatever we had. This was a huge lie. If we didn't want it we didn't eat it. Because of this lie she had to eat all her oatmeal... she will probably tell you she hates the thought of oatmeal with sugar.

7. I eat my grilled cheese sandwiches with sugar. Michelle hates that too.

10. I can't take cat naps. If I'm going to nap I won't waste it. It needs to be at least 2 hours.

11. I met Mike Epps at the DFW airport on my way to Vegas with an ex and he took a picture with us. I can't find that damn picture now.

16. I haven't traveled a lot but my favorite place SO FAR has been San Diego. The vibe of the city is so chill. It may be because majority of them are probably high but still... it's chill and I like it.

12. Titanic is my second favorite movie of all time. I always hope for a different outcome even though I've seen it 2,784 times.

4. I'm not just a regular mom. I'm a cool mom.

22. I can't eat spaghetti without ranch. I craved it when I was pregnant with Zo and now I refuse to eat it any other way.

3. People probably think my mini curly buns are unprofessional at the office but I can be a bit of a rebel... so I do it anyway.

5. Once you have kidney stones they have a 75% chance of coming back within 10 years. I know because I've had them six times. Yes, six.

19. Zo was born with a defect called Gastroschisis. Babies born with this defect typically stay in the NICU for 8-10 weeks. He was out in two. (If you're trying to figure out how to pronounce that word or even what it is you can read about it here.)

25. I will never understand women wearing a face full of makeup to the gym. Where you workout. And sweat.

21. After being in two weddings this year I refuse to be in any more. Including my own. #ElopementGoals

23. Being mixed my mom had the hardest time with my hair as a kid. I used to sit on the floor in between her legs so she could try and detangle it. It probably looked a hot mess most of the time but she tried her best. Thanks mom.

30. My first job was as a carhop at the new Sonic in Krum when I was 14. Maybe 15. I can't remember.

26. Thanks to all my kids my memory is shit. I need to take memory pills but I can't remember the name of them.

28. Office politics are a real life thing. Some people will throw you under the bus in a hot minute to get ahead.

15. My brother and I fought like cats and dogs growing up. We gave no effort to get along. As adults he's one of my best friends. But he can still be quite the little shit.

6. You can literally be scared to death. If something scares you in like the millisecond that your heart stops beating it can kill you. I saw a news broadcast about this a few years back and it's stuck with me ever since.

20. I once had a bad trip on pot brownies and thought I was gonna die. I was just REALLY high. #NeverAgain

29. Never settle for shitty coffee, shitty friends, or shitty men.

I told y'all it wasn't in any particular order.