• Lesli Crow

The Fire Fizzled

I promise you this post will be short and to the point. I have officially decided that Lavender Crows Photography will no longer be a business.

I started taking pictures 5 years ago. Mainly just of flowers, landscape type stuff, etc. Then I had friends that pushed me to take pictures of the boys. Cool. I did that. Then people wanted to start paying for my work. Even better.

People actually thought my work was good enough to pay to have in their homes. Hashtag ego boost.

Over that 5 years my talent developed and I truly enjoyed capturing special intimate moments for families.

But fast forward to 2017 and that fire I had in me... the fire that drove me to want to take better pictures than the ones I did yesterday just fizzled.

I got bored. The repetitiveness became a little overwhelming and I felt like it started showing in my mood. If I knew it was showing in my mood eventually it would come across in my work. That is the LAST thing I would want to happen.

I've been going back and forth with this decision for a couple months now. Just recently I told somebody about my decision and his response was "But think about the money you can make off it." That's NOT why I followed my passion. The money is a bonus. Being able to provide portraits to people, getting to meet families, and learning their stories is what I enjoyed.

I've met some amazing people along the way and have developed even more amazing friendships with some of my clients. I'm thankful for their trust in my work, their willingness to follow my vision, and their support of my dream.

I've always believed that pictures are a moment you can never get back. You can recreate it sure, but that's not the same. The emotion you had in the first picture won't be the same in the second.

See? Pretty short and sweet huh? Well, maybe not so sweet to some people but you get what I mean.

So call me a quitter if you want to but it's my choice to let go of the business side of it before it completely destroyed my love for the art.