• Lesli Crow

The Next Four Years

Updated: Jan 12, 2020

A letter to my first born.

You're now starting your first year of high school. You are creeping up to the door of the real world and as your mother, I'm just not ready.

Because I love you SO very much, I'm going to pass along some words of wisdom that will hopefully stick with you and get you through these next four years.

Friends are going to come and go. Please remember that NOT EVERYONE IS YOUR FRIEND. Be cautious of the secrets you tell and know that not everyone will want to see you succeed.

You won't always like your teachers. In fact - there will be days that you'll want to skip school all together. YOU. BETTER. NOT. I promise some of the teachers you won't like will be some of the best mentors later in life, you just don't see it yet.

I know how much you love football. But, please don't forget about your mind. You won't be in the best shape of your life forever. Your bones will grow old, you'll lose some of that swift athletic ability, but your mind - will take you far.

There will be girls and LOTS of them. You don't need to pass through each one to help boost your reputation stats. Do not be that guy. It's okay if you have ONE girlfriend throughout high school. Or none at all. I obviously prefer the latter.

You're going to get invited to parties. Where there will be drinking. And in some cases, maybe even drugs. If you EVER get into a situation where you feel uncomfortable with your surroundings, CALL ME. I will come get you no matter what time it is or how far I have to drive. No questions asked.

Speaking of parties. If you see any girls that have been drinking and can't take care of themselves, HELP THEM. Don't stand by and watch as she is taken advantage of in any sort of way. Do what you can to take her out of the situation. Be THAT guy.

Be a friend to someone who needs it. Do not be a bully. Get to know somebody that maybe wouldn't run in your circle. You don't know what other kids are going through at home - be a shoulder to lean on.

Last but not least, enjoy yourself. You have so much time before you're kicked out into the real world. Take advantage of living rent free and not having to pay taxes while you can.

Take this time to figure out who you are and who you want to be. I am your biggest fan and will always be in your corner.

Open doors for people, apologize when needed, and always have a good heart.

The world isn't ready for you my son. Kick ass and take names.

- Mom


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