• Lesli Crow

You'll Read This When You're Older

Newborn photography

My sweet Draper Dale.

No words will ever be able to truly describe what you've done for me. Today, we celebrate you and the absolute joy you've brought to our lives this last year.

I have been on a roller coaster of emotions these last few weeks. Turning one is such a big deal. To see you go from 5lbs 5oz of quiet bliss to the 24lbs of tornado you are now, has been one of the wildest rides.

You'll never have another first birthday - this is it. You'll read this when you're older and I hope by that time I've done my job as a mother to show you unconditional love and taught you how to be a good human.

I bonded with you before anyone else could. I felt your kicks, your stretches, and your heartbeat for 36 weeks. You felt any heartache, happiness, and everything in between.

Your curious spirit has left you with some bumps and bruises but with the courage to get up and try again. I love that about you most.

Never lose the curiosity about the world around you. You'll come across people in your life with ill intentions - never let them stray you from who you are and who you're meant to be.

It's okay to love and to love hard. Be kind, protective of your heart, and most importantly - good. Remember that life won't be easy, but your heart can take you far.

You are one - your whole life waits ahead of you and as long as God will allow me to walk this earth with you, I promise to never leave your side.

You came in this world guns a-blazin' and took the last part of my heart. You were unexpected but I'd choose you a thousand times over.

Thank you for being the piece I didn't know my puzzle needed.